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Union Maid (Never Get Me in a Union)

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Union Maid (Never Get Me in a Union)

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Union Maid (Never Get Me in a Union)
(Dick Greenhaus, ca 1950)

There once was a union maid, who never was afraid
To join in song with a noisy throng
Who'd pick their banjos all night long
They'd try with all their might to steer the workers right
They'd organize, ad nauseum, whoever came in sight.
     They'd sing...

cho: You'll never get me in a union. We just love unions,
     There's nothin' like a union.
     But you will never get me in a union, 'cause
     To join a union, you have to work.

This dedicated gang could always get a bang
From following the Party line
And calling bosses, "Fascist swine!"
They'll holler all night long,
"Let's keep the union strong!"
As long as Daddy's dough holds out, you'll always hear them shout:

Now, gals who want to be free, just take a tip from me
Get you a banjo, learn two chords
Then go insult the bourgeoisie
Praise unions to the skies
Sneer at all bosses' lies
And then at parties, dances too, you scab on 802*

note: Local 802, American Federation of Musicians, was the union that once
     picketed the New York May Day parade for using non-union musicians. RG
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