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Unhappy Wanderer

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The Unhappy Wanderer

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The Unhappy Wanderer
(Larry Arno, NYC)

I hate to go a-wandering, along the mountain track
For every step I take I know, my pack will break my back.

        Fal-de-ree[1], fal-de-ra, fal-de-ree, fal-de-ra-ha-ha-ha-ha
        Fal-de-ree, my pack will break my back

I shake my fist at all I meet, and they curse back at me
I hope some city slicker breaks - his ankle on the scree (use this as cho.

I love to paddle in the stream, it sparkles bright and sweet
I hope those tourists down below - can taste my sweaty feet.

My sleeping bag is icy cold, the rocks they pierce right through
I hope some kindly providence - will wish it all on you

I cut my finger chopping wood, my hair the fire has singed
I hope some ranger rescues me - ere I become unhinged.

(style note - final chorus should do the ha-ha parts in a loud
        insane screech)
[1] I learned it as "Mis-er-ree! etc.

To the tune of "I Love to Go A-Wandering"-
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