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Twas Efficient and Cost Effective

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Twas Efficient and Cost Effective


Twas Efficient and Cost Effective
(David Diamond)

tune: Pleasant and Delightful

T'was efficient and cost-effective on a bright summer's day,
When a consultant and a client were making their way.
The secretaries were typing by every office door,
And the bureau chiefs were lunching from eleven until four.

cho: And the bureau chiefs were lunching (3x)
     From eleven until four.

Said the client to the consultant, " You must be on your way.
Your job here is finished. You must pick up your pay.
The work it was rubbish, that you did for me
And I would not have you back again if you worked for free."

Said the consultant to the client," Strange tales I could tell
Of how I wined you and dined you and treated you well,
And if you could reconsider, perhaps it might transpire
That we could find a place for you, when you come to retire."


Said the client to the consultant, "Let us not be in haste;
Your skills are unique, and it would be a waste
To train a new contractor, who might prove inept,
So write me a proposal, and I will accept."


Then a contract from his pocket he instant-ly drew: saying
"Take this, dear consultant, and raise your rates too.
This single-source procurement is yours, without doubt,
And we can keep renewing it, 'till Jack Anderson finds out"DD
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