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Twa Wives

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Twa Wives

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Twa Wives
(Robert Burns)

There was twa wives, and twa witty wives,
   As e'er play'd houghmagandie,
And they coost oot, upon a time,
  Out o'er a drink o brandy;
Up Maggie rose, and forth she goes,
  An she leaves auld Mary flytin,
And she farted by the byre-en'
   For she was gaun a s***en.

She farted by the byre-en',
   She farted by the stable;
And thick and nimble were her steps
   As fast as she was able:
Till at yon dyke-back the hurly brak,
   But raxin for some dockins,
The beans and pease cam down her thighs,
   And she cackit a' her stockins.

Tune: Tak your auld cloak about you (338)
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