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Trooper and the Maid

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Trooper and the Maid

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Trooper and the Maid

A soldier lad came here last night
With riding he was weary
A soldier lad came here last night
And the moon was shining clearly

  Bonnie lassie, I'll lie near ye yet
  Bonnie lassie, I'll lie near ye
  And I'll gar all your ribbons reel
  In the morning eer I leave ye

She's taken his good horse by the head
And led him to the stable
She's given him corn and hay to eat
As muckle as he was able

She's taken the trooper by the hand
And led him to her chamber
She's given him a stoop of the wine to drink
And his love it flared like tinder

She's made her bed both broad and long
She's made it like a lady
She's taken her nitegown over her head
Saying soldier are you ready

He's taken off his belted coat
Likewise his hat and feather
He's leaned his sword against the door
And now he's down aside her

They had not been in bed an hour
An hour but scarce a quarter
When the drums came sounding up the street
And ilka beat was shorter

Its up, up, up, our colonel cried
It's up, up, up and away, then
It's up, up, up, our colonel cried
The morn's our battle day then

She's taken her coatie over her head
She's followed him up to Stirling
She grew so full that she couldn't bow
And he left her in Dunferline

It's when will you come back again
My own dear soldier laddie
When will you come back again
And be your bairnie's daddy

Oh, hold your tongue my bonnie wee lass
Never let this parting grieve thee
When heather cows grow oxen bows
Bonnie lassie I'll come and see ye

sung  by  Jean Redpath on Father Adam, Ewan  MacColl  on  Classic
Scots Ballads, and Thoedore Bikel on Folksinger's Choice
Child #299
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