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Travelers Three

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Travelers Three

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Travelers Three

There were three travelers, travelers three,
     Hey down, ho down, lack a down derry
And they would go travel the north country
     Without ever a penny of money.

At length, by good fortune, they came to an inn,
And they were as merry as e'er they had been.

A jolly young widow did smiling appear
She gave them a banquet of delicate cheer

They drank to their hostess a merry full bowl,
She pledged them in love, like a generous soul,

The hostess, her maid and cousin, all three,
They kissed and made merry, as merry could be,

When they had been merry good part of the day
They called their hostess to know what to pay

The handsomest man of the three, up he got.
He laid her on her back and he paid her the shot.

The middlemost man to her cousin he went,
She being handsome, he gave her content

The last man of all, he took up with the maid,
And thus the whole shot, it was lovingly paid,

The hostess, the cousin and servant, we find,
Made curtsies and thanked them for being so kind,

Then, taking their leaves, they went merrily out.
They're gone for to travel the nation about

From Roll Me Over, Babad
See also Soldiers Three
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