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Tittery Nan

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Tittery Nan

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Tittery Nan

On Saturday night the wind blew west
Tittery nan tum tario
There was a husking in the east
Fairy  nay tory no
Tittery nan tum tario

And old Joe Dimsey, he was there
Tittery nan tum tario
He stole Josiah's tansy mare
Fairy nay tory no
Tittery nan tum tario

And old Josiah after him took
And caught him by the sounding brook

And old Josiah to him said...
"How came you for to steal my jade?"...

"Oh rumpty toodle, 'twasn't I"
"You damned old rascal, how you lie!"

So old Josiah threw him down
And scrubbed his nose upon the ground.

DT #712
Laws H16
From Linscott, Folk Songs of Old New England
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