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Tis Finished (Sing Hallelujah)

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Tis Finished (Sing Hallelujah)

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Tis Finished (Sing Hallelujah)
(Henry Clay Work)

'Tis finished! 'Tis ended! The dread and awful task is done;
Though wounded and bleeding 'tis ours to sing the vict'ry won,
Our nation is ransomed, our enemies are overthrown;
And now, now commences the brightest era ever known.

chorus: Then sing, "Hallelujah! sing, "Hallelujah! Glory be to God on high!
        For the old flag with the white flag is hanging in the azure sky.

Ye joy bells, ye peace bells! Oh never, never music rang
So sweetly, so grandly, since angels in the advent sang;
Your message is gladness to myriads of waiting souls,
As onward and worldward the happy, happy echo rolls.

Come pariots! come free-men! Come join your every heart and voice
We've wept with the weeping, now let us with the blest rejoice,
With armies of victors who round about the white house stand,
With Lincoln, the martyr, and Liberator of his land!

From Songs of Henry Clay Work, Work
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