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Those Brown Eyes

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Those Brown Eyes

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Those Brown Eyes
(Woody Guthrie/Alan Arkin/Bob Carey/Erik Darling)

One evening when the sun was low
My brown eyes whispered, "I must go."
Not one second would she wait.
She kissed my cheek and left my gate.

cho: Those brown eyes I loved so well.
     Those brown eyes I long to see.
     How I long for those brown eyes.
     Strangers they have grown to be.

One night I met her on the street.
I tipped my hat but I could not speak.
Another man was by her side.
Soon I thought she'd be his bride.

'Twas just a year ago today,
They laid my own brown eyes away.
Six long years for me she cried.
It was her brother by her side.
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