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This Land is Their Land

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This Land is Their Land

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This Land is Their Land
(Dave Van Ronk?)

This land is their land, it is not our land
From their rich apartments to their Cadillac carland
From their Wall Street office to their Hollywood Starland
This land is not for you and me.

As I was walking that endless breadline
My landlord gave me a one-week deadline
And "Labor Action" ran a better headline
This land is not for you and me.

So take your slogan and kindly stow it
If this was our land you'd never know it
Let's join together and overthrow it
This land is not for you and me.

From the "Bosses'Songbook", circa 1964
This is not recorded anywhere that I know of, but we
sing it regularly at Dornan's Bar in Moose, Wyoming, where
we have an excess of "Cadillac-carland" types. ABB

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