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Ther False-Hearted Lover

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Ther False-Hearted Lover

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Ther False-Hearted Lover

Once I had a colour,
It were just like a rose;
But now I'm as pale as
The lily that do grow.

O, there's me and my baby,
Now contented we'll be;
Well, I will try and forget you
As you forgot me.

Like the flowers all in the garden
When the beauty's all gone;
Can't you see just what I'm come to
By a-loving that one?

Now, all you young ladies,
You take warning by me;
Never let a young man
Get one inch above your knee.

He will kiss you and he'll coax you,
And he'll call you his love;
And a false heart, deceitful,
Will bid you farewell.

Well, there's love on the ocean,
And there's love on dry land ;
Long as breath's in my body
I'll still love that one.

From Travellers' Songs, MacColl & Seeger
Collected from Caroline Hughes
note: similar to Yellow Handkerchief, Flash Companie
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