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Thats the Ticket

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That's the Ticket

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That's the Ticket
(Art Thieme)

 C                   F
Lovely Nancy ran a shoe repair shop
 C                            G7
Darling Willie brought her his boots
 C                                F
For to have the soles with leather bound up
        C                 G7       C
And to have the heels elevate his foots.

"I have two pair of leather sea boots
One pair it is plumb wore through
I'll leave this pair for you to fix and polish
I'll wear the others and think of you."

"Yes, my dear, I'm going sailing
Seven years upon the sea
What is there that we can split between us
As a token of our love to be?"

"Willie dear, here's your claim ticket
Numbered eight thousand and forty-nine
I'll guard mine and you may cherish your half
As a love to-ken to last through time."

He took his ticket and went a-sailing
He sailed the sea for seven years
Until at last his boots with holes were riddled
And he figured it was time to return to her.

And on one fair October morning
He walked into the old shoe place
His slicker covered ticket eight-oh-four-nine
And his love stared blankly at his bearded face

"Lovely Nancy, pray be my bride."
"Oh no, old man, that cannot be.
I have a young love out upon the ocean
When his boots wear out he'll return to me."

He threw open his old worn raincoat,
Flashed the ticket, eight-oh-four-nine,
"Nancy dear, it's me, I'm your true lover
Returned for my boots, and to make you mine."

"Willie dear, you have return-ed
We'll be married by the old church door
But the boots you brought for soles and heels and polish
They won't be ready till Friday at four."

This young couple were childhood sweethearts
She was a child and he was a hood
They lived a life of blissful pure devotion
My song is now ended and I think that's good.

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