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Tell Poor Lou Im Gone (Nigger Lou)

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Tell Poor Lou I'm Gone (Nigger Lou)

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Tell Poor Lou I'm Gone (Nigger Lou)

cho: Tell poor Lou I'm gone, (You'll get no supper here,)
     Tell poor Lou I'm gone, (You'll get no supper here,)
     Law! Law, my pretty gal
     You'll get no supper here.

Beefsteak and mutton ham
Little bit of sorghum too;
Any one man that can stomach all that
Does a little more than I can do.


Eighteen horses in my team,
Leader he is blind;
Everywhere I drive that team
Got a pretty girl on my mind.


Eighteen miles of mountain road
Sixteen miles of sand;
Ever I travel this road again,
Gonna be a married man.


Awfullest sight, ever I seen
Two old cats a-fightin';
One hollered out: "That's no fair fight
'Cause t'other old thing's a-bitin'.


Coffee grows on white-oak trees
Rivers flow with brandy;
Old folks live on bread and cheese
And the gals are sweet as candy.

Collected from Rufus Crisp, Palmer Crisp in Allen, KY 1953.
Note: Rufus thought it was a minstrel show tune.
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