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Tailor and the Louse

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The Tailor and the Louse

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The Tailor and the Louse

It's of a tailor and a louse,
  Hey-ho! the weaver,
They lived together in one house,
  Gentlemen, the Tailor.

He got so stout that he went out,
  Hey-ho! the Weaver,
He caught the colic in his eye,
  Gentlemen, the Tailor.

The louse was seen upon the post,
  Hey-ho! etc.,
A-eating of the rowdy-towse, (round of toast)
  Gentlemen, etc.

The louse was seen behind the pump;
A-scratching of his rub-a-dump,

The louse was sick and like to die,
They sent for Dr. Funny Eye,

They had six fleas dressed all in black,
To carry the louse to Petty back,

They had a bug to toll the bell,
To carry the louse's soul to hell,

From JFSS 34, p. 213 (1930). Verses only in James Reeves'
'The Everlasting Circle', no. 129. Cf. "The War-like Taylor".
For the 5th full measure for all but the 1st verse one should
have: c3/2 B/ c/ A3/2 WBO

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