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Springfield Mountain

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Springfield Mountain

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Springfield Mountain

(G) G - D7 G / G - D7 G / G - - C /

On Springfield Mountain there did dwell
A lovely youth, I knew him well - I ell -

     Tu rudy nu, tu rudy nay,
     Tu rudy nu, tu rudy nay

Each morning early, he did go
Up to the mountain for to mow - I owe

He scarce had mowed half round the field
When a poison serpent bit his heel - I eel

They carried him to Molly dear
Which made him feel so very queer - I eer

Now Molly had two ruby lips
With which the poison she did sip - I ip

But Molly had a rotten tooth
And so the poison killed them both - I oth

The moral: when in love don't pass
Too near to patches of high grass - I ass

Note: this is, apparantly, a burlesque of an older, more serious ballad. See

recorded by Dildine Family, Ives, many others
DT #314
Laws G16

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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III