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Sporting Life Blues

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Sporting Life Blues

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Sporting Life Blues

I got a letter from my home,
Most of my friends are dead an' gone
That old night life,
That old sportin' life's killing me.

My mother used to say to me,
So young and foolish that I can't see
Ain't got no mother.
My sister and brother won't talk to me.

I've been a liar and a cheater too,
Spent all my money on booze and you.
That old night life,
That old sportin' life is killin' me.

I've been a gambler and a cheater too,
But now it's come my turn to lose,
That old sportin' life
Has got the best hand, what can I do?

There ain't but one thing that I've done wrong,
Lived this sportin' life, my friend, too long;
I say it's no good,
Please believe me, please leave it alone.

I'm gettin' tired of runnin' 'round.
Think l will marry and settle down
That old night life,
That old sportin' life is killin' me.

Recorded by Brownie McGhee
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