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Sorry About that

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Sorry About that

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Sorry About that

You're working very hard at MACV,
Eighteen hours a day.
For three months you've been on a project
With no extra pay.
You finally turn it in on time,
To hear the General say,
"The project's cancelled, we don't neeed it
Throw that junk away!"

cho:(spoken): Sorry about that!

You're transferred into the Delta,
Hamlets to defend,
You reinforce your garrison,
For fight to the bitter end;
J2 has said VC will
Attack tonight the town,
Instead by day they hit Na Trang
And burn it to the ground.

cho:(spoken): Sorry about that!

Next day you're patrolling
When a lan mine lays you low,
A Huey takes you to Saigon
Your leg wound up to sew;
They wheel you into surgery
And of this there is no doubt
The dirty carts mixed up the charts
They took your appendix out!

cho:(spoken): Sorry about that!

And then your year is ended
Your replacement's here and trained.
You're out at Tan Son Nhut, with suitcase
Finally to emplane.
You're headed up the stairway,
When the MPs come for you,
To say your tour's just been extended,
From one year to two.

cho:(spoken): Sorry about that!

From The Longest Year, Bowen and Fish
Tune: Ghost Riders
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