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Song of Texas

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The Song of Texas

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The Song of Texas

I fear no haughty nation
Though foes all 'round are piled;
For now I take my station
As Uncle Sammy's child.

cho: For Texas now is Free!
     Young Texas now is free!
     And when I shine among the stars
     How happy I shall be!
Though Mexico in pride now,
Begins to threaten blows,
I'll grin at Sammy's side now,
With my thumb upon my nose.

In 'thirty-six I was of age,
Took Liberty's degrees,
And to unite I have a right,
With any state I please.

In Liberty's pure laws, now,
Uncle Sam and I are one,
And I will aid his cause, now,
For Sister Oregon.

With Freedom's fire prolific,
We'll clear our rightful bound,
From Atlantic to Pacific
Is Uncle Sam's own ground.

      last Chorus
The whole shall yet be free,
The whole shall yet be free,
And Uncle Sam shall have it all
In peace and Liberty.

From The American History Songbook, Silverman
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III