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Song About Charleston

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A Song About Charleston

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A Song About Charleston

King Hancock sat in regal state,
And big with pride and vainly great,
Addressed his rebel crew,
These haughty Britons soon shall yield
The boasted honors of the field,
While our brave sons pursue.

Six thousand fighting men or more,
Protect the Carolina shore,
And Freedom will defend;
And stubborn Britons soon shall feel,
'Gainst Charleston, and hearts of steel,
How vainly they contend.

But ere he spake in dread array,
To rebel foes, ill-fated day,
The British boys appear;
Their mien with martial ardor fired,
And by their country' s wrongs inspired,
Shook Lincoln's heart with fear.

See Clinton brave, serene, and great,
For mighty deeds revered by fate,
Direct the thundering fight,
While Mars, propitious God of war,
Looks down from his triumphal car,
With wonder and delight.

"Clinton, " he cries, "the palm is thine,
Midst heroes thou wert born to shine,
A great immortal name,
And Cornwallis' mighty deeds appear,
Conspicuous each revolving year,
The pledge of future fame."

Our tars, their share of glories won,
For they among the bravest shone,
Undaunted, firm and bold.
Whene'er engaged, their ardor showed
Hearts which with native valor glowed
Hearts of true British mold.

From Songbook of the American Revolution
tune: Wat'ry God
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III