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Jolly Tinker 2

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The Jolly Tinker 2

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The Jolly Tinker 2

I am a jolly tinker
That goes from town to town.
I will mend your pots and kettles
If you'll only bring them 'round.

cho: Turra laddy, Turra laddy
     Turra laddy hi row.

I know how to solder
And I can mend a pot,
I can also stop a hole
So it will not leak a drop.

A tinker never marries
Has a girl in every town;
And they shower me with kisses
When they bring their kettles down.

They feast me and regale me
With choicest meat and wine,
And whatever house I stop at
I can always sup and dine.

So many wait my coming
For I have many friends
I've never stored much gold
Yet I have a lot to spend.

My life is wild and free
And I do not seek renown.
I am just a jolly tinker
With a girl in every town.

From Traditional American Folk Songs, Warner and Warner
Collected from Lena Bourne Fish, 1940
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