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John a. Munroe

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John a. Munroe

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John a. Munroe

The skull and bones were carried to town likewise some clothes and hair
Right well it told that a foul deed had been committed there.
The evidence so well agreed the jury found also
That Miss Vail and child had been murdered by the rich John A. Munroe.

The jury found him guilty for the crime that he had done
The rope was placed around his neck; John A. Munroe was hung
And when he knew that he must die, deny it he did not
He said he murdered first the child and then the mother shot.

On February fourteenth at 8 A.M. they say
May God have mercy on his soul on that great Judgment Day
May God have mercy on his soul for the crime that he has done,
The rope was placed around his neck, John A. Munroe was hung.

From the Folk-Song Journal of the Northeast, number 5 1933
note: The murder occurred in New Brunswick, Canada, in 1868 RG
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