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John Rally

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John Rally

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John Rally

As I walked out one evening clear down by the riverside
I overheard a fair maid a-roving down by the Clyde
This is a cold and stormy night, these words I heard her say
My love is on the ocean wide bound for America

John Rally they do call him lives in the town o' Ree
He is as nice a young man as e'er my eyes did see
My father he hath riches but Rally he is poor
Because I loved a sailor they could not me endure

My mother took me by the hand and thus to me did say
If you be fond of Rally, Oh shun his company
If you be fond of Rally, let him leave this countrie
For your father says he'll have his life so take advise from me

O mother dear, don't be severe where can I send my love
My very heart lies in his breast as constant as the dove
O daughter dear I'm not severe here is one hundred pounds
Send Rally to America for to purchase some ground

And when she got the money to Rally she did run
"It's for your life this very night my father charged his gun
Here is one hundred pounds in gold my mother sent to you
Send lover to America and I'll soon follow you"

As soon he got the money, next day he sailed away
He had not put his foot on board these words to her did say
"Here is a token of true love an' we'll break it in two
You have my heart and half my ring until I find out you."

It was about twelve months after she was walking on the quay
Rally he came home again and stole his love away
The ship as wrecked, all hands were lost, her father grieved full sore
When he found Rally in her arms drowned upon the shore

And in her breast these lines were placed and they were wrote with blood
Oh cruel was my father that was to shoot my love
That this may be a warning to all fair maidens gay
Never to let the lad they love sail to America

Printed in P. Shuldham-Shaw and E. Lyle The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection
  vol 1,p 49, version A
DT #463
Laws M9
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