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Jesus Christ (2)

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Jesus Christ (2)

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Jesus Christ (2)

Jesus Christ was a man, an honest working man
A carpenter by trade,
He said to the rich,"Give your goods to the poor"
So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.

cho: Jesus had no wife, to mourn for his life
     He needed a bath and a shave,
     But that foe of the proletariat, Judas Iscariot
     Laid Jesus Christ in his grave.

Born in 29 BC, in a barn in Galilee,
And bathed in his unwed mother's tears,
He fought the ruling classes and preached gospel to the masses
And predated Marx by 1800 years.

Now Judas was the guy, the lousy labor spy
A stoolie for the Roman boss;
He ate of Jesus' body, and he drank Jesus' blood
Then he nailed Jesus Christ to the cross.

With thieves on either side, Jesus Christ was crucified,
And tears filled Mary's eyes,
But his words to you and me from that hill on Calvary
Were, "Don't pray for me --- organize!"

Well they laid him in the ground and his followers gathered 'round
To spread the gospel by the sword and cannon;
But his following today is as corrupt in every way
As the followers of Kruschev and Bulganin.

Note: A parody of a parody RG
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