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Jennifer Gentle (Modern)

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Jennifer Gentle (Modern)

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Jennifer Gentle (Modern)
(Erik Nappa)

There were three sisters fair and bright
  Jennifer Gentle, fair Rosie Marie
And they three loved one valiant knight
  As the dew flies over the mulberry tree

The eldest sister let him in
And barred the door with a silver pin

The second sister made his bed
Placed the pillow right under his head

But the youngest sister, fair and bright
Wanted to wed with the valiant knight

Well if thou wilt answer my questions three
Then, fair maid, I would marry thee

From Herpes Syndrome art thou free?
So that thou canst not infect me

My Herpes is in an arrested state
So thou shalt be safe from such a fate

Doest thou have AIDS, that fatal sin?
So that I'd really be loth to come in

My lovers all have been quite straight
My needles were all clean and bright

And wilt thou sign a prenuptual pact
Leaving my estate and lands intact?

I've answered thine questions honestly
And now I'll say, Sir Knight, Screw thee
Child #1
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