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Jealous Lover

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The Jealous Lover

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The Jealous Lover

(Collected by Ellen Stekert from "Fuzzy" Barhight)

Way down in yonders valley, where the violets fade and bloom
There lies my own fair Ellen, so silent in the tomb.

She's died, not broken hearted, or by disease she fell
But in one moment parted from the friends she loved so well.

One night when the moon shone brighter than it ever shone before
Down to this maiden's cottage this jealous lover bore.

Saying "Love, come let us wander, down in the woods so gay
And while we talk, we'll ponder upon our wedding day."

Deep, deep, into the forest he led his love so gay
Deep, deep, into the forest did the jealous lover stray.

"Oh, I care not, love, to wander down in the woods so gay,
I care not, love, for to ponder upon our wedding day."

"Retreat your way, no never, these woods no more you'll roam
So bid goodbye forever to your parents, friends and home."

Then down on her knees before him, she pleaded for her life
Deep, deep, into her bosom, he plunged the fatal knife.

"Oh Willie, I'll forgive you with my last parting breath
Oh Willie, I'll forgive you." Then she closed her eyes in death.

Though a banner waves high o'er her, until the bugle sounds
A stranger came and found her, cold and lifeless on the ground.

Recorded by Stekert- N. Y. Lumberjack
DT #626
Laws F1
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