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Jam on Gerrys Rock

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The Jam on Gerry's Rock

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The Jam on Gerry's Rock

Come all you trueborn shanty-boys, and listen while I tell
The tale of one young shanty-boy, and what to him befell.
'Twas of the jam on Gerry's Rock, a place you all do know,
Of the death of six brave shanty-men,and their foreman, young Monroe.

Come all you trueborn shanty-boys, where-ever you may be.
Come sit here on the deacon seat, and listen unto me.
'Tis of six young Canada   boys, and a hero you should know
And how they broke the jam on Gerry's Rocks with their foreman, young Monroe.

'Twas on a Sunday morning ere daylight did appear;
Our logs were piled up mountain high, we could not keep them clear,
'Till six of our brave shanty boys, they did agree to go
And break the jam on Gerry's Rocks, with foreman young Monroe.

We had not picked up many a log, 'till Monroe, he did say:
"I'd have you boys be on your guard; this jam will soon give way".
He had no more than spoke the words when the jam did break and go
And with it went those six brave men, and foreman young Monroe.

When the rest of all the shanty-boys, the sad news came to hear,
They gathered at the riveredge and downward they did steer
And there they found to their surprise, and sorrow, grief and woe,
All cut and mangled on the beach, lay the form of young Monroe.

They buried him most tenderly, 'twas on the 4th of May.
Now come all you bold shanty-boys, and for your comrade pray.
And engraved upon a hemlock tree, which on the beach did grow,
Was the day and date of the drowning of foreman young Monroe.
Recorded by Seeger on The Bells of Rhymney.
DT #600
Laws C1
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