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Its a Pleasure to Know You

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It's a Pleasure to Know You

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It's a Pleasure to Know You
(Carl Williams)

       It's a pleasure to know you, a pleasure to see you smile
       A comfort to know we'll share the road awhile
       Pleasure is fleeting, and comforts are far between
       It's a pleasure to know you and the comfort you bring.

1. I came to your city after I'd left my home
   And I was a stranger, dressed up in stranger's clothes
   Favors I needed, but charity's out of style--
   Rare as the beauty in the face of a trusting child.

2. Now they say life's a journey, a highway from birth to death
   Mapped in despair, and traveled in hopelessness.
   Well they may believe it, but just between you and me
   The trick to the travelin' is all in the company.

3. Now lovers may leave you, lovers may turn away.
   Children may scorn you--you know that they will someday,
   Seasons are fickle, and fate isn't known as kind
   But friends's the diamond, and trouble's the diamond mine.

from Kim Wallach singing.
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