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Island Lass

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The Island Lass

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The Island Lass

1.  Our packet is the Island Lass
     Lowlands, lowlands, lowlands, low!
    There's a laddie howlin' at the main top mast
     Lowlands, lowlands, lowlands, low!

2.  The old man hails from Barbados
    He's got the name of "Hammer Toes"

3.  He gives us bread as hard as brass
    Our junk's as salt as a bailer's arse.

4.  The monkey's rigged in a soldier's clothes
    Where he got 'em from, God only knows.

5.  We'll haul 'em high and let 'em dry
    We'll trice them up into the sky.

6.  It's up aloft that yard must go
    Up aloft from down below.

7.  Lowlands, me boys, and up she goes
    Get changed, me boys, to your shore-going clothes.

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