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Im Gaein in the Train

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I'm Gaein in the Train

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I'm Gaein in the Train

     I'm gaein in the train,
     And ye're no comin wi me;
     I've got a lad o my ain,
     And his name is Kilty Jeemie.

     Jeemy wears a kilt,
     He wears it in the fashion,
     And every time he twirls it roon,
     Ye canna keep frae laughin.

     SC (1948), 114 (no.183); the tune is evidently "I know
     where I'm going".  One of the many snatches poking fun
     at the kiltie, who of course wears no underwear.  Var.
     in Buchan & Hall, Scottish Folksinger, 73: "Iken whaur
     I'm gaun", etc.
     Ritchie Singing Street (1964), 102, has what seems an
earlier version, from Edinburgh: "I'm gaun to the Fair--/
You're no comin' wi' me:/ I'm gaun to the Fair/ To dance the
Hieland Laddie!"  In his 1965 volume (Golden City), 18, he
has it as above, differs: going/ You're no/ fellie/ And they
ca' him Bonnie Jimmie.//He has a tartan kilt// And every time
I see him/ I canna help fae laughin'.

Filename[ GAETRAIN
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