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I Will Guide Thee

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I Will Guide Thee

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I Will Guide Thee

   If you cannot sing like angels,
   If you cannot preach like Paul;
   You can tell the love of Jesus;
   You can say he died for all.

     I will guide thee, I will guide thee,
     I will guide thee with mine eye
     All the way from earth to heaven,
     I will guide thee with mine eye.

   If you cannot give your thousands,
   You can give the widow's mite
   For the least you do for Jesus
   Will be precious in his sight.

   Hark! The voice of Jesus calling
   "Who will go and work today?
   Fields are wide and harvest is waiting,
   Who will bear my shield away?"

   Hark, the voice of Jesus calling,
   To each one who passes by,
   "All the way from earth to Heaven,
   "I will guide thee with mine eye."

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