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I Sing of Dead Bunnies

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I Sing of Dead Bunnies

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I Sing of Dead Bunnies
-Anonymous, but Moonwulf started it!
tune: "Sweet Betsy From Pike"

I sing of dead bunnies, and burnt baby chicks
Barbecued squirrels, and hamsters on sticks
Ducklings in blenders, and frogs off the road
Opossums on fenders and deep french-fried toad!

Sliced and diced sparrows, dead dogs on the lawn
Cats riddled with arrows, and disemboweled faun
Pickled canaries, and clubbed baby seals
Mice served in berries, and turtles 'neath wheels

Minced baby earwigs, koala fillet
Rat Pie with custard, and cockroach puree
Fred's little brother, and Mystery Beast:
These are the things that they served at the Feast!

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