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I Never Will Marry

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I Never Will Marry

Download Midi Download MP3

Download Midi Download MP3
I Never Will Marry

Bob Pfeffer


     D         A7           D7
One morning I rambled down by the sea shore
     G            D              A7         D
The wind it did whistle and the waters did roar

I heard some fair maiden give a pitiful cry
It sounded so lonesome, it swept off on high

CHORUS:   I never will marry, I'll be no man's wife

I expect to live single all the days of my life

The shells in the ocean shall be my death-bed
While the fish in deep water swim over my head
She cast her fair body in the water so deep
And closed her pretty blue eyes forever to sleep

NOTE: Texas Gladden recorded this first, I think, on a Stinson
78. She sang it as 2-line couplets, with no formal chorus, and
had two extra couplets (after "It sounded so lonesome etc."

Said William to Molly, "If you will agree
To give your consent love, to marrying me."

"My mind is to marry, and never to part
For the first time I saw you, you won my heart."

DT #405
Laws K17
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