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Gypsy Laddie (4)

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The Gypsy Laddie (4)

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The Gypsy Laddie (4)

The Swuire came home late in the night
Inquiring for his lady,
The answer that they made to him,
"She's gone with the Gypsy Davy.

cho: All a lip-toe tally boney hair hair
     All a lip-toe laddy.

He saddled up his milk-white steed
He saddled up his pony
He rode all night till brod daylight
Till he overtook his lady.

It's come go back my dearest dear
Come back with me, my honey,
I'll swear by the sword that hangs by my side
You shall never want for money.

I won't go back my dearest dear
I won't go back, my honey
For I'd rather have a kiss from Gypsum's lips
Than all your land and money.

Pull off, pull off your high-heeled shoes
That's made of Spanish leather,
And give to me your lily-white hand
We'll bid farewell forever.

She pulled off her high-heeled shoes
A-made of Spanish leather,
And gave to him her lily-white hand
And bade him farewell forever.

Last night she slept on a soft feather bed
With her good lord beside her
Tonight she lies on the cold cold ground
With the gypsies all around her.

Child #200
from 80 English Folk Songs, Sharp
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