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Gumboots they are wonderful, Gumboots they are swell,
They keep out the water, and they keep in the smell,
and when we are sitting around at home, you can always tell,
when one of the trevs has taken of his gum-boots.

 If it wern't for your gumboots where would you be ?
 You't be in the hospital or infirmary,
 You would have a dose of the flu or even pluracy,
 if you did't have you feet in your gumboots!

Now there's rugby boots and racing boots and boots for dring rum,
But the only boots I'm never with out are the ones that start with gum,
I've got short ones and long ones and some that reach me belt,
I'm never dressed till Ive got on me Gumboots.


Now Rob Muldoon and Rowling ,they haven't made a hit,
They're ruining the country, more than just a bit,
and if they keep on the way they are going, we'll all be in the s***,
so you'd beter get your feet in your gumboots.

And as posted by Dexter N. Muir:
     This is from the singing (?) of the fictional New Zealand farmer
     Fred Dagg (actor John Clarke) AJS
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