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(A) Am G / G Am E / Am G / G Am E Am

I found my love in a grocery shop,
Selling pickles and egg-plants and bottles of pop;
She asked me to try her asparagus tips,
And I fell for the smile on her ruby red lips.

     C G / G Am E / C G / G Am E Am

     Green stamps were all she gave,
     Green stamps were all I took,
     Green stamps were all I saved,
     So I pasted them all in my green stamp book.

I'd go every day just to gaze at her face,
And in no time at all I had bought out the place.
Tho' ne'er did I e'er taste her ruby red lips,
I own four thousand cans of asparagus tips.

     Green stamps . . .

Whenever I'm lonely or tired or blue,
I go to my bookshelf and here's what I do:
I reach for that book and then with loving care,
I count every green stamp that's pasted in there.

     Green stamps . . .

Sung to the tune of Green-sleeves
Em D C B Em D C B Em
G D C B G D C B Em


Parody on Greensleeves.

Words by Harvey Geller, copyright 1961 by Bigareff Music, Inc.,
New York, NY


E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III