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Green Mossy Banks of the Lea (2)

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The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea (2)

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The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea (2)

One morning I met my Matilda
Gone out for to view those fields,
She was dressed in the highest of fashion
And she wore in her hair a red rose.

I stepped up and sat down beside her,
Her cheeks they did blush like a rose,
Saying, "fair maid, while the meadows are charming
Your guider I'll be if you choose."

"Kind sir, I don't need any guider
Young man, you're a stranger to me,
Look yonder, my father is coming
O'er the green mossy banks of the Lea."

I waited till up came her father
To hear what his answer might be,
Saying, "Kind sir, if this be your daughter
She's the charming sweet lass I adore."

"Five thousand a year is my portion
And a lady your daughter will be,
She can ride in her coach every morning
O'er the green mossy banks of the Lea."

From More Irish Street Ballads, O'Lochlainn
DT #477
Laws O15
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