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Goody Bull

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Goody Bull

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Goody Bull

Goody Bull and her daughter together fell out
Both squabbled and wranigled and made a damned rout,
But the cause of the quarrel remains to be told,
Then lend both your ears and a tale I'll unfold.

The old lady, it seems, took a feck in her head
That her daughter, grown woman, might earn her own bread.
Self-applauding her scheme, she was ready to dance;
But we're often too sanguine in what we advance.

In vain did the matron hold forth in the cause,
That the young one was able, her duty, the laws;
Ingratitude vile, disobedience far worse
But she might e'en as well sung psalms to a horse.

Young, forward and sullen, and vain of her beauty,
Shc tartly replied, that she knew well her duty,
That other folks' children were kept by their friends
And that some folks loved children but for their own ends.

Alas, cried the old woman and must I comply?
But I'd rather submit than the hussy should die;
Pooh, prithee, be quiet, be friends and agree
You must surely be right, if you're guided by me.

From Humor in American Song, Loesser
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III