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Going Dry

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Going Dry

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Going Dry

Hearken, brave crusaders, to the message cheering
Temp'rance waves are rising 'round us mountain high,
Over all the land saloons are disappearing
Cities, towns and hamlets all are going dry!

cho: "____"'s going dry, "____"'s going dry
     Pass along the watchword, "____"'s going dry.
     "____"'s going dry, "____"'s going dry
     Pass along the watchword, "____"'s going dry.

To the front, crusaders, where the fight is waging,
For the liquor traffic has been doomed to die;
Gird you on the armor; and the foe engaging,
Pass along the watchword,"____"'s going dry.


God's strong arm of justice is reached forth to save us,
And unto the fight he summons from on high;
Banish the saloons from the good land he gave us,
And be this our watchword: "____"'s going dry.


Forth, O men of faith! and be ye full of courage,
And the hosts of evil in His strength defy,
For the Lord Jehovah pledges glorious vict'ry;
Rally to the watchword, "____"'s going dry.


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