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Gie My Love Brose

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Gie My Love Brose

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Gie My Love Brose

cho: O gie my love brose, lasses;
     O gie my love brose' and butter,
     For nane in Carrick wi' him
     Can gie a c*** its supper.

Jenny sits up i' the laft,
    Jockie wad fain a been at her;
But there cam a wind out o the west
    Made a' the winnocks to clatter,

The laverock lo'es the grass,
    The paetrick lo'es the stibble:
And hey, for the gardiner lad,
    To gully awa wi' his dibble!

My daddie sent me to the hill
    To pu' my minnie some heather;
An drive it in your fill,
    Ye're welcome to the leather.

The Mouse is a merry wee beast,
  The Moudiewart wants the een;
And O, for a touch o' the thing
   I had in my nieve yestreen.

We a' were fou yestreen,
   The night shall be its brither;
And hey, for a roaring pin
  To nail twa wames the gither!

Collected (?) by Robert Burns
See notes on Nicht Owre
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III