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Geordie (2)

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Geordie (2)

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Geordie (2)

As I walked over London bridge
Oh so early in the morning,
If was there I met a pretty fair maid
All lamenting for her Geordie.

What has he done? Who has he killed?
Has he murdered anybody?"
"No, he stole five pearls from the royal king
And he sold them in a hurry."

"Go bring to me my riding steed,
Go saddle up my pony.
Five hundred pounds I will lay down
All to plead for the life of Geordie."

"We will have him hung with a golden chain:
Such a chain there is not many.
We will have him buried with the same
For the likes and the life of Geordie."

The judge looked over his right shoulder_
It was words he didn't say many:
"Prepare yourself for death, young man,
For it's mercy you shan't have any."

The judge looked over his left shoulder;
it was words he didn't say many:
"I'm afeared you came too late, fair maid,
For your loved one is judged already."

"If I had my Geordie on yonders plain
It's kisses I'd have many.
With a sword and pistol by my side
I'll die for the life of Geordie."

From Folk Songs of Canada, Fowkes
Child #209
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