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Gallant Forty Twa

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The Gallant Forty Twa

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The Gallant Forty Twa

You may talk about your lancers, or your Irish Fusiliers,
The Aberdeen Militia or the Queen's Own Volunteers;
Or any other regiment that's lying far awa'
Come gie to me the tartan of the gallant Forty Twa.

cho: And strolling through the green fields on a summer day
     Watching all the country girls working at the hay,
     I really was delighted and he stole my heart awa'
     When I saw him in the tartan of the gallant Forty Twa.

Oh I never will forget the day his regiment marched past
The pipes they played a lively tune but my heart was aghast,
He turned around and smiled farewell and then from far awa'
He waved at me the tartan of the gallant Forty Twa.

Once again I heard the music of the pipers from afar
They tramped and tramped, the weary men returning from the war
And as they nearer drew I brushed a woeful tear awa'
For me and my braw laddie of the gallant Forty Twa.

Recorded by Clancys
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