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Devilish Mary (2)

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Devilish Mary (2)

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Devilish Mary (2)

I went down to New Orleans
I didn't have long to tarry
But I fell in love with a pretty little girl
They called her Devilish Mary.

cho: All the boys in that old town,
     Called her Devilish Mary
     All the boys in that old town,
     Called her Devilish Mary

She and I jest went to courtin'
And we courted while I tarried
And in the course of two or three weeks
She and I were married

Then one day I said to her
That she'd better wash the dishes
She jumped in the yard and popped her fist
And swore she'd wear the britches

Then one day I said to her,
Better if we were parted
And by the time I spoke the words
She got her duds and started

If ever I marry again in this world
Won't be for love or riches
I'11 married some little duck-legged girl
That cain't wear my britches

From the Max Hunter Folk Song Collection
Collected from Mrs. Roxie Phillips, AK 1958

DT #518
Laws Q4
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