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Demon Fruitcake

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Demon Fruitcake

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Demon Fruitcake

We're marching, we're marching, our brave little band
Against Demon Rum we will all take our stand,

cho: Away, away with rum, by Gum!
     It's the song of the Salvation Army.

Don't never eatr fruitcake, it's chock full of rum
And one little bite puts a man on the bum.

The man who eats fruitcake leads a terrible life
He mistreats his children and he beats his wife.

Oh can you immagine an awfuller sight
Than a man who eats fruitcake until he gets tight.

The man who eats fruitcake goes down to his death
With the odor of raisins and rum on his breath.

The man who eats fruitcake goes down in disgrace
As he rolls in the gutter with crumbs on his face.

Note: This was in circulation in the mid-40s. RG
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