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Dear Elizabeth

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Dear Elizabeth

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Dear Elizabeth
(Jacqui MacDonald)

  Dear  Elizabeth, I hope this letter finds you just the same  as
     it leaves me
  Dear Elizabeth, we had a storm, a Northwest gale at sea
  Dear Elizabeth, we sail at noon, I'll bring you a present back
  Dear Elizabeth, I'll se you soon, Goodbye for now, yours, Jack

My great-great grandfather sailed the seas in a clipper as mate
He was born in Carneyshiels in 1828
And  he  courted dear Elizabeth, who saved each letter  from  her
Now I've read each one, each verse a tear, yet I feel all aglow

His letters weren't the usual ones, full of "I love you, my dear"
No kisses, no forget me nots, but still one thing was clear
He loved her dearly in his way, as a sailor honest and rough
For the way he began each sentence, to her was quite enough
So now I sigh and shed a tear about that man so fine
And think that's what Elizabeth did each time she read a line
And as she was a sitting there at home and as he sailed on the sea
They never knew his letters few would do the same to me

sung by Jacqui and Bridie
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