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Come Back to the Farm

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Come Back to the Farm

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Come Back to the Farm
(Henry Clay Work)

Brother come back! Come back!
Dear brother what can be the charm?
That holds you so strong,
That keeps you so long
Away from your father's old farm?
     Poor father he tells me he needs you,
     And would it be more than is due?
     His labors to share, his burdens to bear,
     Who once bore your burdens for you?

cho: 'Tis the voice of your sister she calls you,
     In tones both of love and alarm;
     "By dead mother's prayers, by father's gray hairs,
     Dear brother, come back to the farm."

Father, tho' years ago
The ablest and strongest of men
Is failing at last, you know he has passed
THe milestone of threescore and ten.
He's feeble, he's trembling, he's lonely
Who once was so fearless and brave,
Yet, you are away, while day after day,
He totters on down to the grave.

Come from the wide, wide world,
Where dangers and perils abound!
Oh how can you roam so far from your home
Where safety and comfort are found?
Come, bring us the light of your presence
Come give us the strength of your arm;
That we nay once more see joy, as of yore,
Sit smiling upon the old farm.

From Songs of Henry Clay Work, Work
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