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Come All You Young Ladies and Gentlemen

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Come All You Young Ladies and Gentlemen


Come all you young ladies and gentlemen

Verse 1

Come all you young ladies and gentlemen,
Let me with your company mingle -
Once I was young like you;
And then I was happy and single,
Till my mother advised me to wed,
Until seventeen I had tarried;
I went off to the church in a trance,
One day like a man to get married.


O I wish I was single again.

Verse 2

My wife came home in a pet,
And she burned my new boots to a cinder;
And the cat she kicked under the grate,
And the table threw out of the winder.
And the bed clothes, kettle and broom,
And the washing tub off she has carried,
And she sold both the poker and tongs,
So I wish I had never married.


Verse 3

It's seldom we gets a bit of meat ,
But once a month or I'm generally mistaken;
Then it's old sheep's head and a pluck,
And a small piece of liver and bacon.
She says brad and butter is dear,
And business most shocking and horrid,
And I've oftentimes wished I'd been dead,
Before I ever got married.


Verse 4

Now I should be happy and jovial once more,
If I could once see all things right;
May Old Nick come and fetch her away,
Some morning before it is light.
Come all you young men that are single of mind,
And pray don't you ever be married;
For if I were but single again,
I'll be CUSSED if I'd ever get married.


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