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Colonel Nighn

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Colonel Nighn

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Colonel Nighn

We were drinking beer in Frisco,
And having lots of fun,
When the war broke out in I Corps,
And I grabbed my pack and gun,
Now I'm fighting for that bastard Colonel Nighn.

Chorus: Colonel Nighn, Colonel Nighn,
        Now I'm fighting for that bastard Colonel Nighn.

We landed in Batanga,
It wasn't very nice.
We didn't come to I Corps,
To eat your f***ing rice.


Oh, Co Van, why are you running?
Are you afraid to die?
The reason I am running,
Is that Co Vans cannot fly.


There were mortars in the compound
And sappers in the wire.
But we didn't give a f***,
'Cause we were too Goddamned tired.


We were putting in some VNAF,
And laughing at the show,
When Charlie popped a mortar,
And Paddy didn't know.


On an operation,
Near the Laotian border,
Just eating rice and Nuoc Mam,
Waiting for an order.


working as a Co Van,
I'm earning me a mint,
'Cause all my X-ray wants,
Is Seikos and cement.


Building a new compound,
We're even planting grass,
But if you think I'll mow it,
You can kiss my f***ing ass!

Surrounded out at Kam Duc,
Can't last another day,
When one-eight says to me,
"Don't let 'em get away!"


From The Longest Year, Bowen and Fish
tune: Battleship of Maine
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