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Collier Has a Dochter

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Collier Has a Dochter

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Collier Has a Dochter

     The collier has a dochter,
     And oh, she's unco bonnie;
     A laird he was that socht her,
     Rich baith in lands and money.

     She wadna hae the laird,
     Nor wad she be a leddy;
     But she wad hae a collier,
     The colour o her daddie.

     Montgomerie SC (1948), 152 (no. 275).
"The Collier's Bonnie Lassie" as remade by Ramsay is in TTM
and with music in Orpheus Caledonius (1725, 1733), I.99;
whence SMM I. no. 47; see Dick, Notes (1908), 17, and endnote,
p. 88; also his Songs, pp. 366, 421.  Herd 1776, I.207 (4x8
lines), Whitelaw BSS (1875), 224, etc.  The old words (as our
text) are quoted by Burns--Stenhouse, Illus.  52, etc.  [line
5 a laird].  Allan Cunningham Songs of Scotland (1825),
III.74, has the Ramsay verses, and (75) his own recension of
the old:

     The Collier has a daughter,
       She's black, but O she's bonnie;
     A laird he was that loved her,
       Rich both in lands and money.
     I'm o'er young to wed the laird,
       And o'er black to be a lady;
     But I will hae a collier lad,
       The colour o' my daddie.

     The collier has a daughter,
       I vow she's wond'rous pretty;
     The collier has a daughter,
       She's black--but O, she's witty!
     He shawed her gowd in gowpins,
       And she answered him fu' ready;
     The lad I love works under ground,
       The colour o' my daddie.

"Such is the song which I have heard sung as the old words."
Two sets of the air are in Dick Songs, pp. 44, 186. SS (1878)
II.166.  Tune in English works prior to Orph. Cal.: Walsh
Compleat Country Dancing Master (1719), and the Extraordinary
Collection of Pleasant and Merry Humours, pub. London by
Daniel Wright (c. 1713).  A superior set (as Coallier's
daughter) in Sinkler MS., 1720 (with minor 7th throughout).
A good version in Playford, Original Scotch Tunes (1700) as
Collier's Lass [Glen ESM 71].  The Coallier's Daughter is in
Gillespie MS. (1768), no. 33; The Collier's Daughter
(strathspey) in Stewart, 43; Glen SDM I.7.  Words to air
include "O saw ye bonnie Leslie" and "Deluded Swain" (Burns).

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