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Coal Black Joak (2)

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The Coal Black Joak (2)

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The Coal Black Joak (2)
(on single sheet issue, c 1730)

There was a lady came out of France
all for to learn an english Dance
with her coal black jack that will lather like soap
and the hair of her Joke will draw more than a rope
  with a black Joak, and belly so white

We girls of the Town are Ladies of pleasure
We go to the Tavern and stitch at our leisure
   with her coal etc.

Whe have such ways to draw men in
We'd rather stitch then learn to spin
   with our--- etc.

In comes prime Phillis then in a great h[--     [not in SS issue
and swears l--m her soul she'll stitch without men
  with our --- etc.

She followed me from lane to lane
picking my pockets quite so clean
  with her etc.

Of all the Collours that are in the Town
a red, a flaveen, a Grey or a brown
 with her---etc.

Remember you Gallants, that follow the game
french Ladies first gave you sauce for the same
With a coal black etc.

It is our Delight for to pick up a spark
To] walk with at night in the Garden or park
With a Coal black etc.

You sparks of saint James's and likeways pall mall
I'd have you take care of this frenchify'd Girl
With a Coal black etc.

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