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Cluck Old Hen

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Cluck Old Hen

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Cluck Old Hen

Cluck old hen, cluck and sing
Ain't laid an egg since 'way last spring.

Cluck old hen, cluck and squall
Ain't laid an egg since 'way last fall.

My old hen's a good old hen
She lays eggs for the railroad men.

Sometimes one, sometimes two
Sometimes enough for the whole damn crew.

Sometimes nine, sometimes ten
That's enough eggs for the railroad men.

My old hen, she won't do
She lays eggs and taters too.

The old hen she's raised on a farm
Now she's in the new ground diggin' up corn.

The first time she cackled, she cackled a lot
Next time she cackled, cackled in the pot.

Recorded by Tom Ashley, Frank Profitt
Note: one of the standard fiddle virtuoso pieces: chicken
  imitations were highly appreciated. RG
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